In Memory of Pastor Larry G. Rowland [1951 - 2003]

Many years ago Larry called me when we were still living in Troy, Illinois and the ministry was still being rebuilt. Larry was so interested in finding out what we were all about and wanted so much find out the real Biblical truths. He had found out about us from Perry Stone. As Larry began to look and study he became one of the best students of Scripture I had seen in years. He always wanted every book every piece of information he could get his hands on. As Larry grew in his research he had to make a lot of decisions dealing with what he had heard and what he was now learning. Larry embraced the work we had and was one who took all that we had and began to teach to all who would listen.

After some time Larry and I talked and I could see that Larry was totally deserving of becoming a licensed pastor with Messengers of Messiah. He then received his ordination and ran his own Messengers of Messiah ministry as Messengers of Truth. He built one of the most active web sites and was always working to reach everyone he could. He was so in love with the Lord that no matter what or who tried to deter him, he was unshakable. Larry became a tower of strength and proclaimer of the truth. Messengers of Messiah truly has lost one of the pillars of this ministry.

As a person no one could find a more caring and loving man than Larry Rowland. His humor and wit was always there when we would email each other. He was so organized with everything he did, it was always everything in its proper order, be it himself or any project he did. Larry was one that surpassed all the given qualifications in Timothy as a minister of the Gospel of our Lord Yeshua. On our trip to Israel he was all ears and eyes and he was so moved by that trip. There was always a special light that came from his face. The bond between him, my wife Christie, and I, grew with each and every call or email. He would talk to Christie sometimes for an hour or more. She loved him so very much, he was always one that she felt so close to. This will be a hole in our daily lives that will never be filled until we see him in the presence of the Lord when we too arrive there.

We all pray that all of us will one day soon see Larry with his arms open welcoming us in to join him with the Lord Yeshua and for us all to forever more be with Him.

We all will greatly miss Larry and will always pray for Chris as she has to go on, as we all will, until our time comes.

From Pastor Peter Michas and Christie Michas
Messengers of Messiah
Highland, California

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